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In January 2015, we realized a long-held dream when we traded our Airstream 22FB Sport travel trailer for a 25RB Flying Cloud. Although we occupy a relatively modest permanent home (less than 1,500 square feet), we have continuously considered ways to move beyond conspicuous consumption toward efficient design and deliberate living. If we could figure out a way to live full-time in the Airstream, we would do it without hesitation. For now, we try to live as simply and graciously as possible, leaving an ever smaller carbon footprint wherever we go. This blog chronicles our Airstream adventures and, hopefully, promotes our philosophy of living large in a small space.

Inhabiting 200 square feet certainly brings two adults and five chihuahuas closer together. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Take a look at our original floor plan, followed by the floor plan from our 2018 modification:

Cloud 9
2015 Flying Cloud Floor Plan
Cloud 9, 2.0
Cloud 9 Floor Plan, After Our 2018 Modification

Cloud 9 Floor Plan, After Our 2018 Modification

A friend of ours asked what makes the Airstream special. We were at a loss for words. It’s like the guy who asked the price of the luxury car in the showroom window. If he had to ask how much it cost, he probably couldn’t afford it. In attempting to respond to our friend, we talked about the Airstream’s sleek styling, unmatched quality and status as a cultural icon. For more than 80 years, it has evoked the freedom of the open road, we said, providing all the convenience and comfort of a home on wheels. Our friend seemed unimpressed. We mentioned the fuel economy it delivers and its aerodynamics. Still nothing. Our friend preferred tent camping. Well, if that’s your thing, you’ll probably never appreciate what drives us to pull our dreamboat.

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