The Marks That Time Has Made

10 YearsAs we approach a full decade of marriage (we were married on Dec. 18, 2004, so we began our 10th anniversary almost a year ago), we’re grateful that we know each other better than anyone else knows us.

We see each other’s faults and follies, and we lean on each other’s strengths and steadfastness. We have shared career successes and setbacks. We have devoted untold time, energy and resources to building a life together. We laugh at the same jokes; scoff at the same absurdities; shed tears at the same sentiments. We appreciate how good a cocktail tastes at the end of a day. We stand up for each other; believe in each other; protect each other.

Although we are well aware of the marks that time has made on each of us, whenever we do something right and true and lovely, we see in each other the same exhuberant acceptance that changed our lives so many years ago.

We’re grateful to our family, friends, followers and fans who have supported us through the years. While we consider ourselves fortunate to have found each other, we are blessed to have found each of you.