We’re On–and In–Cloud 9

Cloud 9 B&WLongtime readers of this travel blog know that our new Flying Cloud 25FB is our third travel trailer and our second Airstream. Our relatively brief travel experience has taught us many things about life on the road, among which are the importance of having a fully functional kitchen and a spacious bathroom, as well as a bed that’s not nestled into a corner or shoved against a wall. Our new rig, which we’ve named Cloud 9, has all that and more.

We waited more than three months for Cloud 9 to be built at “the mothership” in Jackson Center, Ohio. During that time, we carefully camped out in our Sport, all the while knowing, because it was our trade-in, that we had to “gently” use it to maintain its value. Aside from a minor mishap with the banquet, we managed to protect and preserve the Sport, and ended up getting the maximum return.

From the moment we saw our Cloud 9, gleaming in the prep area, we were smitten. Call it love at first flight.

Many have asked us what is so special about three additional feet in length and one additional foot in width. In a word, lots. The new “wide body” floor plan is perfect for two occupants who continue to widen their own bodies (which we attribute to great cooking and plenty of wine). We have a lounge/dining area that is completely separated from the galley, and a bedroom that is completely separated from the rest of the rig by a hall with a lavatory on one side and a shower on the other. An ideal set-up, as far as we’re concerned. Plus, we have tons of amenities, including recessed, dimmable LED lights; ample storage space; a Clarion sound system; a full-size refrigerator/freezer; an oven AND a microwave; ducted air-conditioning and a heat pump; two HD-TVs with a terrific omnidirectional antenna; and giant windows in every direction.

So, new flights of fancy await as we get acquainted with our American icon. Everything you’ve heard about a double-axle trailer is true. It is easier to maneuver, to pull and to park. It’s all good! And soon, we’ll be pulling up to Fishing Bridge RV Park in Yellowstone National Park for our much-anticipated long trip of 2015. Until then, we’ll take even more quick trips to our favorite backyard state park for weekends in our little lake house. Come along for the ride!