March Madness

March MadnessLike many folks, we headed to the lake for Spring Break. Unfortunately, all the weather forecasts were inaccurate. Instead of calm, sunny days in the 70s, we had windy, cloudy days in the 50s. How could the meterologists have gotten it so wrong? We made the most of the weekend by focusing on food, friends and fun.

As for food, Cliff once again made an amazing steak dinner for Date Night. On Saturday, he made an amazing beef stew. And for Sunday brunch we enjoyed a tradiotional hash.

We made new friends by introducing ourselves to Charles and Ben, fellow Airstreamers from North Dallas. We invited them to join us for cocktails on Saturday at 5:30. Cliff assembled a beautiful tray of cheeses, meats and assorted salty snacks. What we couldn’t anticipate, however, was the cocktail tastes of our guests. The opening conversation went like this:

Cliff, to Charles: What would you like to drink?

Charles, to Cliff: Do you have Coke?

Cliff: No, sorry.

Charles: Any type of soft drink?

Cliff: Well, we have an Italian lemon soda.

Charles: How about bourbon.

Cliff: We don’t have that, either. But we have gin.

Charles: Do you have tonic?

Cliff: Uh, no. Sorry.

Charles: Why don’t you tell me what you do have and I’ll tell you what I want.

You get the idea. Cliff produced a much appreciated Cosmopolitan for Charles and a glass of red wine for Ben. I enjoyed my standard Moscow Mule (in a fine copper mug, of course). And lively conversation ensued.

Believe me, we’re no slackers when it comes to the liquor cabinet. We usually stock tequila, vodka, gin and scotch, in addition to grenadine, ginger beer, red wine and bottled beer. But we clearly need to add a few staples. Up to now, our outings have been almost entirely about the two of us (and our dogs, of course), which accounts for our having only two of everything. A couple more wine and cocktail glasses are defintely on our list if we plan to entertain. Still, a good time was had by all.


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