Hard Day’s Night

Loyd Park MoonAfter an intense, albeit shortened, work week, we began our three-day weekend at Loyd Park with a quick set-up, a first walk and a refreshing cocktail. We fired up the BGE and were soon enjoying grilled salmon, cob corn and shishito peppers, complemented by caprese salad and cabernet wine. That’s roughing it, Garinn-style. An after-dinner walk bathed us in moonlight and warm breezes, setting the stage for a fantastic Fourth.

We’ve always felt a special sense of pride and patriotism on Independence Day, but this year’s observance is particularly meaningful for us. We feel, deep down, that “Equal Justice Under Law” isn’t just a platitude carved in stone above the Supreme Court but a lived reality for so many people just like us. God bless America!

As we strolled under a cloud-shrouded moon, we gave thanks for our many blessings. We’re grateful for the many opportunities we’ve been given and the wonderful people who’ve made them possible. We’re grateful for our community and neighborhood, where we’re immersed in a marvelous mosaic of diversity. And we’re grateful for each other. Fourteen years ago this weekend, we went on our first date–to a Rangers game. After the victory, we thrilled at a fireworks display we’ll always remember on a night we’ll never forget. We’ll return to the ballpark on the Fourth, brimming with emotion and expectation. Here’s to 13 more years of Date Nights, and many more, of course. The best is yet to come!