Symphony of Song

imageOne thing that stood out for us this weekend was the array of songs we heard from a variety of birds. The forest was filled with a symphony of song. Of course, it’s a sign of spring, as males use their songs to attract females in their mating ritual. Regardless of the purpose, the effect is an aural delight.

We arrived on Friday nearly 90 minutes after departing from Hampshire. Our total hook-up time was 10 minutes, so it’s not an exaggeration to say that it took an hour and 20 minutes to navigate the 20 miles through rush-hour traffic from our house to Loyd Park. Not the best way to start our weekend.

Upon arrival, we had to negotiate parking our rig amid numerous vehicles belonging to a large group. Park regulations stipulate that only two vehicles can be parked at a site, and all the sites surrounding ours had a minimum of three. The occupants of these sites were, ahem, good old boys, with wives and girlfriends in various shades of blonde, and massive trucks sitting atop enormous tires. One such vehicle was so tall that we actually wondered how the cab could be accessed without a ladder.

Fortunately for us, our neighbors were, mostly, respectful. Occasional bursts of F-bomb loud talk was interspersed with Country music and howls of laughter, but it all diminished after 10 pm, leaving us with peaceful nights and quiet, albeit song-filled, mornings.