Mountain Majesty

img_0414We arrived at the Smoky Mountain Premier RV Resort in Cosby, Tennessee, just in time to get set up for Pasta Wednesday. Cliff quickly grilled chicken with onions, green beans and carrots, and ravioli with sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella accompanied by homemade pesto. What a way to end the day!

Our campsite was situated just outside the national park, so we were surrounded by colorful forests and rustic scenery. A late-night fire under starlit skies proved to be a perfect ending to a full day of travel.

We learned a few lessons worth sharing:

  1. Never leave a package of beef jerky in a truck with four chihuahuas (we realize that we’ve shared this lesson before, but having failed to fully embrace it ourselves, it bears repeating).
  2. When the sign says, “Next Rest Stop 52 Miles,” don’t count on learning that it’s closed until you’re a half-mile away.
  3. Driving along switchbacks may be exciting for mortocyclists and sexy for sports car enthusiasts but they’re downright terrifying for anyone towing a 25-foot Airstream. Just saying.