Winter Weekender in Waco

picWith temperatures in the 80s, it was hard to tell whether it was spring or summer as we arrived at Lake Waco. But the calendar told us it was February, so our winter weekender was a bit deceptive.

We met up with our Heart of Texas Camping Unit for a February camp-out in perfect conditions. One benefit to camping in February is you don’t have to contend with bugs. Another is the relatively low demand for sites, as most locals are hunkered down for the winter. We arrived at Midway Park, an Army Corps of Engineers park located on the east shore of the South Bosque River at the point where it expands into Waco Lake, around 4:30 p.m. on Friday, just in time for Happy Hour. With 38 campsites, the park is small, but its size makes it more manageable on ever-shrinking federal budgets. We caught up with friends old and new, but took a break to enjoy our Date Night steak dinner before rejoining the group for a late-night campfire and conversation, illuminated by the full “snow moon.”

Saturday was a day of relaxation, complete with a leisurely group breakfast, an afternoon nap, and a group dinner with conversation that lasted late into the night.

Sunday’s mild temperatures and gentle breezes brought a stream of visitors to our campsite, making it impossible to enjoy our brunch until well after noon. We also received a personal lesson in gun safety, as we continue to consider arming ourselves for protection at home and on the road. More on that in another post.

We finally left for Dallas around 4:30, having squeezed every possible moment out of the weekend. We’ll meet up with our camping group again in Hico, in April. In between, we’ll enjoy many more weekends at our beloved Loyd Park. Our only hope is that we’ll also enjoy weather conditions similar to those we had this wonderful winter weekend!