An Ideal Weekend

Fire ReadyWe returned to Loyd Park for the weekend that closed Spring Break, surrounded by families trying to make the most of the gorgeous weather. Mild temperatures and gentle breezes made conditions perfect for dining al fresco, sitting by the fire, and sleeping with open windows. In a word, the weekend was ideal. We’ll return again next weekend, when weather forecasters are calling for storms. A good, drenching rain would be welcome relief from all the pollen covering nearly every exposed surface.

Because it was the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Cliff made a traditional corned beef and cabbage supper. The beef was flavorful and tender; the cabbage and root vegetables were firm and colorful; and the soda bread was sweet and savory. We accompanied our Irish feast with a pint of Guinness and some Irish whiskey. Sláinte mhaith!

Having been inspired by a Facebook post calling for pictures of Airstream dogs, we started a group called Airstream Dogs. It didn’t take long for someone to suggest that we call it Airstream Pets, instead, so that people who don’t have dogs could participate. We should have seen that coming.

We concluded our weekend in a most unusual way: We extended our stay through the week. No better way to welcome Spring!