Cloud 9, 2.0

Cloud 9 2.0Behold, Cloud 9, 2.0! In two weeks, we’ll tow our second home to Paradise, Texas, to the workshop of our fellow HOTC’ers at A&P Vintage Trailer Works, to get a washer/dryer installed and to reconfigure our lounge. Paul Mayeux, co-owner with his partner Ann Flanagan, is taking on this major modification that we hope will not only fit our lifestyle now but also make Cloud 9 more functional for years to come.

Cloud 9Our current factory configuration has a lounge/bed and a dinette/bed that we have yet to use. The new custom build will allow us to extend our stay by doing our laundry wherever we park our rig. No need to search for a laundromat! And the planned lounge area can be converted to a large area for relaxing or napping, or create a split office/reclining space. The washer/dryer cabinet will also provide additional counter space for laundry or kitchen prep.

This is not an inexpensive upgrade, but we think it’s a worthy investment in our home away from home. Last year, we spent about a fourth of our time in our tiny home, so this remodel will provide some much-desired creature comforts.

Cloud 9 will be out of commission from February through March, so we’ll occupy our winter weeks by doing long-overdue chores at Hampshire, such as patching and painting our interior trim and walls, and refurbishing our hardwood floors.

When we hit the road again in spring, we’ll have not only a new washer/dryer and lounge, but also a multistage converter, a new cell booster and external antenna, a pull-out shelf for our ice-maker, and a pop-up nightstand for the bedroom.

If we cross paths, don’t hesitate to check it out!