Restful Recovery

This weekend was an opportunity to rest and recover from a busy two weeks of travel. After returning from our Thanksgiving visit to Jon’s family in the St. Louis area, Jon headed to Chicago for a three-day trip to the Radiological Society of North America’s annual conference. We were looking forward to long walks, crackling campfires, and gentle breezes–and the weekend didn’t disappoint.

We arrived at Loyd Park on Friday afternoon and began preparing for Date Night, which included a “proper” cocktail hour, complete with a 
charcuterie board and drinks. Chef Cliff grilled a ribeye to perfection, surrounding it with asparagus, baked potato and shishito peppers. The mild temperatures made it possible for us to dine al fresco, serenaded by the creatures of the night. Just before retiring for the evening, we were alerted to the death of former president George H.W. Bush.

Reaction to president Bush’s death became the backdrop to the remainder of our weekend. We watched tributes on TV, read commentaries online, and talked about our memories of the 41st president, while reflecting on his legacy. We thought former president Barack Obama summed up his life best, calling it a “testament to the qualities that make this country great,” a somewhat transparent reference to the current president’s signature theme. He noted Bush’s “service to others, commitment to leaving behind something better, [and] sacrifice in the name of lifting this country closer to its founding ideals.” We couldn’t agree more.

Saturday’s weather was nearly perfect, with sunny skies, temperatures in the 70s and warm southerly breezes. After brunching beneath the pavilion, we napped away the afternoon. A late-day walk ended with an evening fire and an al fresco dinner of grilled pork loin, cob corn and broccolini. 

We observed our Sunday rituals: Enjoying Bloody Mary’s, reading The New York Times, watching CBS Sunday Morning, and stayed late into the afternoon before finally breaking camp and heading back home.