A New Beginning

After absorbing the shock of our MiniMax Big Green Egg being stolen, we decided to re-invest in what had proven to be our best travel grill EVER!

Despite its hefty price tag (nearly $600), we figured it was worth a re-investment. The MiniMax’s sturdy, easy-to-grip carrier, 13-inch cooking grid, and high-quality ceramics make it an ideal appliance for grilling while on the road. And our first meal, tenderloin with asparagus and poblano peppers with baked potato, didn’t disappoint. Nor did our second, grilled pork loin chop with stir-fried vegetables over rice. With this new grill, we’ve agreed to secure it with a heavy-duty cable and padlock, knowing full well that they’re not foolproof but at least deterrents.

Speaking of new beginnings, we’ve decided to abandon our plan to transition to life on the road and instead stay in our “sticks and bricks” home, continuing our routine of “weekending” while also making a fresh start with a cash-out refinance option. This will likely come as disappointing news to all those who laid claim to our various possessions, but hopefully they’ll take comfort in knowing that we’ll continue to safeguard our family heirlooms as always.

As we set up camp on Friday, we learned from the woman across the road that Loyd Park recently changed its rules and now allows for only a 30-day maximum stay, after which campers have to leave the park entirely for two weeks before they can return. That was certainly not our understanding at the time we considered making Loyd Park our home base, and so it was further confirmation that we were right to opt for the “sticks and bricks.”

What this means is that we’ll be able to pay off our hefty tax bill (thanks, Republicans, for making “winning” so tiresome), restructure our high-interest credit debt, stay in our beloved Hampshire, and still make our “long trip” to Glacier National Park at the end of June.

We stayed late into the afternoon on Sunday, reluctant to leave amid falling temperatures and gusty winds. But a “soft winterization” (draining the water lines and water heater, disconnecting the toilet and shower head) at least gave us the feeling of “security” as we faced three nights of temperatures in the 20s. The success of our efforts won’t be known until we get to the other side of freezing, next weekend. Fingers crossed!