A Trip to Tyler

IMG_0291Mid-April found us at the AluminumPride Rally near the East Texas city of Tyler, about 90 minutes from Dallas. The threat of strong spring storms didn’t deter us from joining friends old and new for a weekend at Bushman’s RV Park, with planned excursions to the nearby Kiepersol Vineyards, Winery, Distillery & Salt Kitchen, and the Tyler Azalea Trail. We opted to skip the excursions so we could maximize our relaxation and indulge in the fine art of napping.

Whilst setting up, we discovered a problem with the cord that brings power from the park’s electric tower to the Airstream. Apparently, during our last stay at Loyd Park, a power fluctuation compromised the plug to such an extent that we risked having it fail if we used it through the weekend. So Cliff set out to buy a new one at a Gander Outdoors of Tyler, about a 10-minute drive from our campsite. Within the hour we were hooked up and ready for the weekend. And not a moment too soon. Ten minutes later we were joining the rest of the group for a happy hour, followed by an excellent chili supper. The lively conversation, like the effects of the various chili dishes, lasted late into the evening. Cliff’s “Texas Bowl o’ Red” received rave reviews.

Saturday’s weather forecast was ominous, with the threat of severe storms, hail, and large tornadoes. We were grateful that we only received heavy rain and lightning, with the worst of the system skirting us to the south and east. A tornado did touch down about an hour south of our location, injuring 25 people and causing widespread damage, but we were spared. At nap time, with rains and winds buffeting the rig, we turned up the heat and snuggled beneath the comforter. Two hours later, we awoke to sunny skies and warm temperatures, similar to Dorothy’s experience awakening to the land of Oz. We joined the group for a lavish potluck supper, accompanied by plenty of conversation and, afterward, a few games of pool.

Sunday morning brought goodbyes and good wishes, as everyone dispersed under sunny skies. The AluminumPride group bills itself as “friends with great attitudes and adventure…out to have a good time in style…with gourmet potlucks and no host obligations.” We found all that and more during a wet, windswept weekend in Tyler. Can’t wait for the next rally!