Calm After the Storm

Our weekend began with stormy weather. Lots of stormy weather. Although we were able to enjoy Date Night under the pavilion, storms rolled in around 10 p.m. on Friday, driving us into the protective shelter of Cloud 9. Heavy rains, flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder lasted through the night and into Saturday morning, leaving the ground saturated and muddy. But the skies cleared around 9 a.m., the temperatures rose, and everything started drying out. The remainder of the weekend, weather-wise, was simply spectacular.

We spent time this weekend reflecting on our life on the road. “Living the Airstream Dream, one weekend at a time,” is not only our tagline, it’s also our reality. We began this journey six years ago, when we purchased our first “box” trailer, a 14-foot Sportsmen Classic. Within 10 months, we purchased our first Airstream, a 23-foot Sport. Soon after that, we moved into our current rig, and we’ve loved living in our tiny home ever since.

You may be wondering what inspired us to begin this journey. Jon’s father retired early, at age 62, because he wanted to sell everything he had, buy a Winnebago and travel around the country. By age 63, however, he had developed lung cancer, and was dead 10 months later–never having fulfilled his dream. One day, when Jon told Cliff this story, he also revealed that he had a similar desire–to purchase a travel trailer and travel around the country. And he didn’t want to put it off until he was too old or sick to fulfill his dream. Fortunately for Jon, Cliff shared his wanderlust, and they decided to do whatever it took to make it happen sooner than later. Thus began a six-year adventure that shows no signs of stopping.

This year, we’re planning to visit Glacier National Park in Montana. It will be the farthest north we’ve traveled. Eventually, our bucket-list will take us well beyond the 48th parallel to the 68th, but a visit to Denali is a distant dream in more ways than one.