Plumbing Repair Gone Awry

The videos on YouTube made it look so easy. We could simply disconnect our leaky sewer valve, replace the seals, reconnect it and be on our way to a wonderful weekend. “It should take 20 minutes,” Cliff said. “Thirty, tops.” Famous last words.

Not only were we unable to make the repair after more than 90 minutes and several attempts, we were unable to do so much as reassemble the system and return it to its original leaky starting point. Many phone calls to mobile RV repair companies yielded a single commitment from a guy named Mike to come around noon the next day to assess the problem. We had no choice but to get ourselves cleaned up and settled in for a late Date Night, which included watching the second season premier of our new favorite show, “Yellowstone,” on Paramount’s streaming service.

With no working toilet, we had to make our way to the camp facility, which we alternately referred to as “the bunker” and “the sauna.” After the epic flooding of Joe Pool lake several years ago, damaged restrooms were replaced with prefab units made entirely of concrete (hence, the “bunker” moniker). Although the new facilities have exhaust fans, they lack any kind of climate control (hence, the “sauna” moniker). Let’s just say that neither of us wanted to spend any more time there than absolutely necessary.

Mike arrived slightly ahead of schedule the next day and, after a quick assessment, declared the entire plumbing system would have to be re-engineered. Considering we’re preparing to head to Glacier National Park in six days, could he provide a temporary fix that would get us there and back? No way.

So, we thanked him and sent him on his way, cooked brunch and took a nap. Afterward, we entered into our evening routine, which included a proper cocktail hour, followed by a dinner of grilled lemon chicken with broccoli and cob corn, and several new episodes of “Designated Survivor,” which moved from ABC to Netflix. It seems that when a series moves from broadcast television to a streaming service, the only distinguishing characteristics are the addition of profane language and an occasional bare butt or breast shot. Thankfully, Netflix didn’t mess with the formula. The streaming story picked up right from where the network left off.

One bright spot: We contacted our friends Paul Mayeux and Ann Flanagan at A&P Vintage Trailer Works and told them about our plumbing problem. They offered to squeeze us in sometime this week, so at least for now, we might be able to keep our travel plans (barring the need to completely re-engineer the entire system). We’ll take Cloud 9 to Paradise later today and keep our fingers crossed that Paul can once again work his wonders.