Glacier Adventure: Day 2

We set out from Sheridan about two hours later than expected, and soon we were traveling through Montana—the northernmost state we’ve visited. With just more than a million residents, the population of Montana is about a sixth the size of Dallas.

We entered the state by way of the Crow Reservation, which includes the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. At Billings, the state’s largest city, our GPS directed us onto State Highway 3, which took us through the tiny towns of Broadview and Lavina. Traversing Montana’s varied landscapes of badlands, plains and prairies, we experienced first-hand the reason it’s called “Big Sky Country.” We soon found ourselves passing through Buffalo, Eddie’s Corner, and Moccasin—places characterized by rusted-out cars on cinder blocks, dilapidated trailers, and abandoned buildings that seem to be melting into the earth. Eventually, we arrived at Great Falls, the state’s third-largest city, which led us to U.S. Highway 89, our final route to our destination.

Along the way, we listened for four more chapters of “Alexander Hamilton,” getting to know in greater depth the various people whose lives intersected with “the great man.” And we learned a few things worth sharing:

  1. A creek-side campsite in summer –though picturesque — will likely be shared with millions of mosquitoes.
  2. Roundabouts are ridiculous.
  3. If you’ve been stepping anywhere dogs walk, be sure to check the bottoms of your shoes before stepping into the camper.