Introducing: The Journey Jug

Jon’s cousins recently notified him to tell him they had discovered a vintage jug while sorting through their mother’s belongings. They thought we might be interested in adding it to our camping collection, perhaps by repurposing it as a lantern. Within a few days, the package arrived at our door, and we knew immediately we would not only add it to our gear, but we would also feature it as a character in our travels, much like the roaming gnome.

And so here it is: The Journey Jug, holding two full gallons of sangria. Every glassful we pour from its spigot will be another opportunity to toast Jon’s cousins as they follow our adventures. It also means they are now part of our entourage, in spirit(s).

This weekend we also concluded our Walbernizing effort, focusing on the panels below the trimline. A friend who’s interested in purchasing an Airstream expressed concern about having to do such maintenance. We emphasized that it’s really a requirement of all RVers, regardless of whether they have an Airstream or any other rig. Ultraviolet rays take their toll, and even rigs that are stored under cover (like ours) require periodic application of protectants or sealants.

The concept is really quite simple: If you want to optimize your investment, you have to maintain and protect it. And even if you hire someone to do it for you, you still need to attend to the details. After all, there’s no such thing as a maintenance-free RV! And we’ve discovered that there’s actually some pleasure to be gained by performing routine maintenance. It’s measurable–in other words, you can immediately see your results (instant gratification).

It seems that so much in life involves delayed gratification. Yet there’s no guarantee you’ll achieve the satisfaction you seek. So do something measurable. Pull out your bag of rags, grab your sealant of choice and get to it. You may work up a sweat, but you won’t be disappointed with the results. It’s all part of a life well-lived on the road.

Cheers, to Jean and Jim and Tina–dear cousins. And cheers to Aunt Mary, and her Journey Jug–now part of our Cloud 9 adventures.