Looking to Loveland

We received a notice on Thursday from the Loveland Rally Presentation Committee inviting us to share our expertise with other Airstreamers by conducting a presentation at the 63rd International Rally next June. So our weekend excursion to Loyd Park was ideal for putting together a proposal for the committee to consider.

In addition to working as a career adviser at Western Governors University, Cliff is a nationally certified resume writer and career coach. And besides having a master’s degree in journalism, Jon has also been a communications and marketing professional for more than 15 years. Consequently, we thought we might have something to offer in terms of coaching people who are trying to carve out a career on the road.

For a brief period of time, we operated a resume writing service called “Reboot Your Resume.” With that as our starting point, we thought it might be of interest to Airstreamers working from the road to learn practical tips for presenting themselves to potential employers when they have no permanent address or gaps in their professional work history. We proposed calling the workshop, “Re-route Your Resume,” with a plan to provide participants tips and tools that would help them prepare for career success on the road.

We don’t know if the committee will accept our proposal, but we’re hopeful the members will recognize our expertise and value our willingness to share what we’ve learned.

If the committee accepts our proposal, Jon will re-brand the website to make it relevant to the target audience. We’ll also add additional tools and tips specific to working from the road. And whether we get five people in attendance or 500, at least we’ll know that we offered a true service that is unlike anything we’ve seen online.

We considered other possibilities. For example, Cliff loves to cook, but there are far too many Airstream chefs already who are eager to offer advice and recipes; Jon knows a lot about social media and content marketing, but Airstream blogs are plentiful and many are quite good. So, we decided to focus on what differentiates us from other Airstreamers.

We’ll report on whatever response we receive.