Black Canyon, Brown Sands: Day 2

The morning after the Great Storm, we emerged to survey the damage to the Amarillo KOA. Many people were walking around doing the same thing, and all were in a state of disbelief. We had survived the equivalent of a category 1 hurricane, with 70- to 80-mph straight-winds and 2-inch hail. The KOA had plenty of downed limbs and power was out. One rig lost an awning. Another rig had toppled over. Poles were bent, tents were blown away, pool and playground equipment was damaged. But there were no serious injuries or structural damage.

Cloud 9 came through the storm without a scratch, but our tow vehicle had a chipped windshield and a cracked driver’s side window. All things considered, the $500 deductible to repair the windows seemed like a relatively small price to pay for having survived such an ordeal.

We left for our Colorado destination feeling lucky.

We arrived at our base camp–Cedar Creek RV Park in Montrose–in the early evening, giving us just enough time to set up and settle in for a quiet, cool evening. Chef Cliff grilled chicken tenders, peppers and fingerling potatoes. And we ended our evening watching vintage episodes of “The Six-Million Dollar Man” and “The Bionic Woman.”

Either one of them could have uprighted the overturned rig with one hand.