Return to Routine

After a long, hot summer with two months of at-home weekends, and after trekking to Colorado’s Black Canyon of the Gunnison and Great Sand Dunes national parks, we finally resumed our weekend routine at Loyd Park. It has been five years since we designated Loyd Park as our weekend destination of choice, so our absence had not gone unnoticed among the “regulars.” Several stopped by to ask where we had been for such a long stretch of time.

As we arrived on Friday evening, we found ourselves situated between several proud “Trumpsters,” evidenced by their prominently displayed banners and flags. One flag declared “TRUMP: No More Bullshit.” We decided that the casual observer might take that message a couple of different ways, despite its clear intention of support for the president.

Our properly displayed U.S. and Marine Corps flags drew both attention and admiration, although our efforts are decidedly patriotic rather than political. By proper, we mean that we follow the U.S. Flag Code: we illuminate the flag during the hours of darkness, we place it above all other flags, we prevent it from touching the ground, and so on.

After settling in, we fired up the Big Green Egg, poured some wine and began listening to Jack Jezzro radio on Pandora. Soon, Chef Cliff produced a perfectly grilled bone-in ribeye, baked potato, and charred asparagus with peppers.

Next day, we enjoyed mild temperatures as we spent the entire morning beneath our camp pavilion reading The New York Times, sipping coffee, and imbibing in Bloody Mary’s and tequila sunrises. In lieu of brunch, we headed to Walmart to purchase supplies and then on to McClain’s RV in Fort Worth to pick up a handheld shower head to replace the one that fell out of its holder during travel and broke. Later in the afternoon, we enjoyed a nap, followed by cocktails, a campfire, and a cookout. We ended the day with another episode of “Chef’s Table,” the gorgeous Netflix docuseries. This time, we watched an episode from Season 3 that focused on Corrado Assenza, whose bakery in Noto, Sicily, has been owned by four generations of his family. Food experts consider his cannoli, gelati, and granita to be among the finest in Italy.

Sunday found us reading, relaxing, and returning to routine: walkikng the dogs, watching “CBS Sunday Morning,” blogging, discussing current affairs, brunching, napping. It was good to be back.