Lesson Learned

We arrived at our camp site around 6 p.m. on Friday and immediately began the routine of setting up. The site was short and not very level, but we were confident that we could make it work. After maneuvering into place, we attempted to de-couple the hitch from the ball. The added stress on the hitch ball from the unlevel surface resulted in Cloud 9 lurching backward about four feet, coming to a stop at the parking block, despite our rather ridiculous effort to grab and hold on to the 7,500-pound behemoth. Needless to say, we learned our lesson. No more unhitching on an uneven surface without wheel chocks. Had the parking block not been there, Cloud 9 would have kept moving down the hill and into the trees.

A glass of wine calmed our nerves, and a Date Night supper of grilled steak and veggies brought additional comfort. We ended our evening watching the first four episodes of “Arrested Development,” the critically acclaimed Fox series from the mid-2000’s. How is it that we missed this gem? Eighty episodes to go and we can’t wait!

Saturday found us following our new routine: A quick morning dog walk and coffee, followed by Cliff’s return to Hampshire for a half-day of work while Jon stayed at Cloud 9 to read The New York Times. Cliff returned in time to make Bloody Marys and brunch ahead of our afternoon nap. In the evening, after cocktails at the campfire, we tuned into the Grand Ole Opry, which featured outstanding performances by Little Big Town and Lauren Alana. Cliff then grilled chicken and veggies for supper, and we ended the evening watching “Saturday Night Live.” The singer Adele hosted the show and she looked amazing after losing 40 pounds on the Sirtfood Diet.

On Sunday, we followed our routines throughout the day until 6 p.m., when we thought we would settle in to watch “60 Minutes.” Unfortunately for us, NFL football games were being broadcast for 45 of the 60 minute time block, throwing off our entire evening. After our evening televisit with Jon’s mom, Cliff grilled pork chops and cob corn for a late supper. We ended our day watching another episode of “Arrested Development.”

A rainy weather system moved in overnight, making for a wet Monday morning. Dealing with five chihuahuas in rainy conditions is always a challenge, but more so when it’s also cold and dark outside. Eventually, we made our way back inside and settled down for some web surfing before packing up and heading home.