Opposites Attract

The two main days of the weekend couldn’t have been more different, weather-wise, but both extremes had their allures. Saturday was mild, with clear skies and gentle breezes over Joe Pool Lake. Sunday was rainy and dreary, with plunging temperatures and increasing winds throughout the day. Saturday found us cooking out, taking long walks along the lakeshore, and enjoying a crackling campfire. Sunday found us hunkered down inside, snuggling with our doggies as storms moved through.

We arrived on Friday just in time to join Jon’s departmental holiday event, “An Evening in Monte Carlo.” As online celebrations go, it was fun to play trivia, roulette, poker, and blackjack. Party-goers got into the spirit of the event, with many dressing in “Twenties” attires. While most folks focused on the 1920s, one creative co-worker designed an outfit decorated with $20 bills. After the festivities, we enjoyed our typical Date Night dinner the European way (after 9:30).

Saturday’s cookout included grilled pork chops, cob corn, and a lackluster vegetable medley. After dinner, we started watching “It’s A Wonderful Life,” another of our holiday favorites. We managed to watch until Uncle Billy inadvertently left the bank deposit in the newspaper he handed off to Mr. Potter, and had to go to bed to dream about the rest. Having missed our afternoon nap, we just didn’t have the staying power.

Sunday’s supper included pan-seared kielbasa, ranch-style beans, and a classic pea salad. After dinner, we concluded “It’s a Wonderful Life,” marveling at how a movie we’ve seen a hundred times still moves us to tears.

We were disappointed that low clouds prevented us from observing the Geminid meteor shower, but we likely wouldn’t have lasted very long in the cold night air. We had read a recommendation that star gazers needed to allow at least 30 minutes for their eyes to adjust, and with temperatures in the 30s, we definitely wouldn’t have endured.

Monday morning found us fasting in advance of early afternoon blood tests. So, with no breakfast, coffee, or concoctions, we focused on blogging, surfing, and prepping Cloud 9 for freezing temps (something we call a “soft” winterization).