Broadsword Calling Danny Boy

As the title of this post implies, we spent some time this weekend watching “Where Eagles Dare,” the 1968 World War II action film starring Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood, and Mary Ure. Considered by many as one of the best war movies of all time, it was shot on location in Austria and Bavaria, and featured Hohenwerfen Castle, a medieval rock fortress situated on a 2,000-foot precipice about 25 miles south of Salzburg. As the mission’s leader, Burton’s character used the code name Broadsword to send messages to his MI6 contact in England. Written by Alistair McLean, it features his trademark “secret traitor,” who must be unmasked by the end.

It seemed fitting that this was also the weekend when The Washington Post released an audio recording of a January 2 phone call from President Trump urging the Georgia secretary of state to “find” the votes to overturn the election results. At the end of his term, Trump has been unmasked as the not-so-secret traitor we always knew him to be. His desperate attempt to thwart the will of voters left us wondering what else he might do before January 20.

We arrived on New Year’s Day and immediately settled in to our routine. Chef Cliff prepared a perfect Date Night menu of grilled tenderloin, peppers, and baked potato. Next day found us shopping for a few ingredients so he could make Nigella Lawson’s mustard pork chops. Then, for Sunday’s supper, he grilled salmon and cob corn, and served a heaping helping of his leftover Hoppin’ John on the side.

Each evening, we enjoyed sunsets at the lake and crackling campfires. Each day, we took long walks and longer naps. With clear skies and daytime highs in the 60s, the weekend’s weather was ideal.

Like many Americans, we went into lockdown more than 300 days ago, but unlike many, we had an escape plan. Spending nearly every weekend in our Airstream has kept us sane. We’ve been able to get away from the pandemic’s restrictions to enjoy the great outdoors, even if we only traveled 13 miles to our nearby state park.