A Kick-Start to the Weekend

After watching a segment about St. Elmo Steak House on CBS This Morning Saturday, we decided to purchase a gift box that included the restaurant’s spicy cocktail sauce, steak sauce and seasoning, and creamy horseradish. The box arrived from Indianapolis just in time to kick-start our weekend. And one taste of the shrimp cocktail sauce was indeed a kick in the head. The sauce has been described as fiery, and it certainly was. The horseradish packed such a punch that we thought our heads were going to explode. In fact, the only thing more turbulent than Friday’s weather was the storm that moved through our sinuses with each bite. We also enjoyed the much milder yet complex seasoning on our Date Night steak and potatoes.

Next day, Cliff decided to add a few dollops of the cocktail sauce to Jon’s Bloody Mary. Let’s just say it is now the new normal. Cliff had always added horseradish to the mix, but this sauce is in a league of its own. It provided not only an intense heat but also a powerful tomato flavor.

With mild, dry weather and low humidity throughout the weekend, we were able to enjoy several long walks, nightly campfires, al fresco brunches, and deep, reflective conversations. We connected with family members and an old friend, and we also were mesmerized by an owl nesting in a tree near our picnic pavilion. Each morning we were serenaded by birdsong. It was magical!

Alas, all good things come to an end, and so, on Monday morning, we found ourselves resisting the call to pack up and move on.