Suddenly Sizzling

Two words we hate to hear: heat index. As soon as we start talking about the “feels like” temperature, we know we’re close to sizzling. The heat index is a measure of air temperature and relative humidity in shaded areas, indicating how hot it feels to the average person. This weekend’s heat index was in the triple digits, leading us to spend most of our time inside Cloud 9. Our air-conditioner struggled to keep us comfortable during the full-on sunshine. Still, we were able to enjoy our typical pursuits, including Date Night, cookouts, wine walks, and brunches.

A lesbian couple camped across the road wished us “Happy Pride,” which prompted us to end Date Night by watching “The Birdcage,” the 1996 remake of the classic French farce “La Cage aux Folles,” with brilliant performances by Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, Gene Hackman, Dianne Wiest, Hank Azaria, Dan Futterman, Calista Flockhart and Christine Baranski. Although the film was made nearly 30 years ago, it hasn’t aged a bit.

Throughout the weekend, we had to be on guard against the American dog tick, thanks in part to the high humidity. The warmer and moister an environment becomes, the faster ticks progress through their development. And with squirrels, birds and other animals carrying them throughout the underbrush, they are quite active. Generally, if you can detach a tick within 24 hours, you can avoid getting sick from any pathogens it might carry. Consequently, we had to perform daily tick checks on ourselves and the dogs. The count: Garinns, 2; Dogs, 3. Yet another reason to stay indoors.

We also spent the weekend following events at the G7 summit in England and the NATO meeting in Belgium. It was encouraging to see America so warmly welcomed back onto the world stage after former president Donald Trump’s “America First” policy left us isolated and humiliated.

On Sunday, we discovered “Paul Hollywood City Bakes,” a 20-episode baking show from a few years ago starring the English celebrity chef. In it, he travels to cities around the globe in search of family bakeries, corner delis and other establishments that have created baking heritages. Along the way, he highlights each city’s architecture, culture, and people. We watched the episodes about Palermo, San Francisco, Madrid, and Dublin. We’ve got plenty more episodes to occupy our downtime during the heatwave.