Splendid Seclusion

This weekend’s campsite was new to us, although we had scouted it several weeks before. We selected it because we appreciated its seclusion, with heavy forestation that reminded us of Loyd Park. We arrived at the site around 4 p.m., but it took nearly a half-hour and three attempts before we were able to get Cloud 9 onto the pad. Next time will be easier because we now know how to maneuver (note: it’s best to make a sharp turn into the site from the driver’s side). Temperatures in the low 80s made for a pleasant late afternoon and early evening, which included our typical Date Night preparations. After dinner, we enjoyed watching the Jerusalem episode of “Paul Hollywood City Bakes.” The program originally aired in 2017, but it brought back vivid memories of the time Jon spent there nearly 30 years earlier. Paul even visited the village of Ein Karem, where Jon lived for five months.

Saturday brought high heat and humidity ahead of a cold front. When the front blew through at 4 a.m., Jon jumped out of bed to tilt the awning — and just in time. A deluge ensued, including strong winds and frequent lightning. Around 5:30, we braved the storm to bring down the flags and, in the process, got absolutely drenched. It was almost comical.

Sunday morning was delightful, as the cold front ushered in milder temperatures and lower humidity. We were able to turn off the air-conditioner and open the windows to be serenaded by the sounds of birds and bugs. For Sunday supper, Chef Cliff grilled bacon-wrapped pork loin chops, accompanied by steamed broccolini, grilled veggies, and a caprese salad. We then settled into watching a new docuseries on CNN, “The History of the Sitcom.” We were hoping it would be more chronological than thematic, but it’s a big topic to tackle. We were both amazed that we can still laugh so heartily at old “I Love Lucy” clips.

Monday brought another mild morning, so we took the dogs on a long walk, talking the entire way about our upcoming Desert Southwest adventure. It seems odd to talk about vacationing at a place experiencing a record-breaking heatwave and drought, but we’re hopeful the situation will be different in early September when we hit the road.