Splish Splash, Cloud 9’s Taking a Bath

We admit, hiring a mobile RV cleaning service is a bit of a luxury, but as we get older, it’s a necessary splurge. The idea of climbing on top of Cloud 9 to wash the roof is not at the top of our to-do list. Enter Brian from Mud Divers Wash Crew. Our meeting was serendipitous. He was cleaning another rig on our loop, and we introduced ourselves as we walked by. We set an appointment for Sunday.

Loyd Park’s advantage — ample tree cover — is also its disadvantage, especially during the fall, when leaves are dropping and sap is dripping. The sticky substance can damage the Clear Coat that protects the Airstream’s aluminum skin. We’ve done the hard work of cleaning it ourselves, but it usually takes three or four hours and involves climbing ladders and crawling across the roof on our hands and knees. So we were more than happy to pay Brian $120 to do it for us.

The weekend weather was ideal for cookouts, campfires, and long walks under starlit skies. The only surprise was morning temperatures in the low 50s. Suddenly, it was autumn!

We arrived on Friday afternoon and got set up in time to spend a few hours working remotely. Afterwards, we enjoyed Date Night lemon drop cocktails followed by New York strip steaks, baked potatoes, and grilled asparagus.

Next morning, we attempted to follow our typical routine al fresco, but only lasted about an hour in the chill before decamping for Cloud 9’s indoor warmth. We headed back outside for an excellent brunch, then back in again for an exceptional nap. Saturday night’s supper of grilled pork chops, sweet cob corn, and cheesy broccoli was scrumptious, but we ended the evening by watching a lackluster — and disappointing — Saturday Night Live season opener.

Sunday found us enjoying The New York Times, “CBS Sunday Morning,” cocktails, brunch, etc. When Brian arrived to wash the rig, we relocated the doggies to the pavilion, where Chef Cliff prepared our Sunday supper of slow cooker pot roast and veggies.

All weekend, we watched scenes of Hurricane Ian’s devastating path through Florida and the Carolinas. The destruction is almost unfathomable. Certainly provides a different perspective on our comparatively petty concerns.