Tired of the Weather Whiplash

We arrived on Friday afternoon, anticipating a chilly night. After setting up, we realized we had forgotten the charging cable to our Surface Pro, which meant Cliff would have to severely ration his use of the 90 percent of battery power left on the device. So, as Cliff prepared Date Night dinner, Jon raced back to Hampshire to retrieve the power cable and return to Cloud 9 before “first glass,” that first taste of the wine just after the cork is pulled, before the influence of other tastes on the palate. Chef Cliff’s beautifully grilled New York strip steak with veggies and a twice-baked potato was a fitting culmination to the evening.

Saturday found us engaged in our typical pursuits, although Jon spent some time wrapping up loose ends at work. Temperatures hovered in the upper 40s throughout the day, with overcast skies making for a second day of dreary weather. The best thing to do in such circumstances is to nap, which we promptly did after brunch. In the evening, Chef Cliff prepared a mushroom risotto using our new portable induction cooktop. It’s a game-changer! Not only does it cook faster, it also doesn’t produce radiant heat–both ideal for cooking in a small, enclosed space. He completed Saturday supper with perfectly pan-seared lambchops and steamed broccoli. We ended the evening by watching Lady A perform on the Grand Ole Opry, followed by a lesson in European art of the Renaissance by Rick Steves, and an utterly boring new episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Woody Harrelson. Lorne Michaels, what were you thinking?

Sunday was yet another gloomy day, but at least temperatures started to warm ahead of a frontal system that threatened a quick round of severe weather. Frankly, we’ve grown tired of the weather whiplash. This season, we’ve experienced several episodes of 40- or 50-degree temperature fluctuations within the span of a few hours. These sudden temperature and humidity changes have taken a toll on our health, especially for Jon, who experiences nosebleeds when his nasal passages dry up. The high concentration of mountain cedar pollen in our area has also left us with itchy, watery eyes; nasal congestion, runny noses, and sinus pressure; sneezing; sore throats; and fatigue. Bring on spring!