Movin’ on Up

Blazing SunWe’ve been storing our Airstream at a facility near our home. We’re pleased that it’s well maintained, secure and convenient. But it lacks a covering, meaning our Airstream is exposed to damaging ultraviolet rays. Thus it was, with some reluctance, that we decided to relocate to a nearby facility that has covered storage. We’ll be movin’ on up next weekend.

Our concern with the new facility isn’t so much with what’s overhead but with what’s underfoot. The uneven pavement presents challenges that we’ll only be able to completely assess when we pull the Airstream onto the site next weekend. All challenges aside, we need to get our home on wheels out of the sun.

So, this weekend we’re preparing for the move. We’ll hitch up the Airstream next weekend and head to our favorite “backyard” state park, give it a good bath and prep it for its new permanent home. Is it unusual to dream about being in our Airstream, even while we’re surrounded by all the comforts of home? One day, we hope to become full-timers. At the moment, we’re only half-way to a life on the road. But one day…