First Real Mods

First ModsThis weekend, we drilled holes. They were the first real physical modifications to our Airstream. We had done some earlier “soft” modifications, consisting primarily of replacing a curtain and hanging a wall clock. But this was the first time that we actually made a physical modification to our Airstream’s structure. And, we’re happy to report, both the Airstream and it’s owners survived.

If you follow this blog, you know how much we appreciate our Breville toaster oven. When we traded up from the Sportsmen Classic to the Airstream, we wanted, more than anything, to bring our Breville along for the ride. The design of the Sport is such that we had an ideal place for the Breville, just above the refrigerator. However, the factory-mounted TV/DVR hung about five inches too low. Moreover, it was a cheap model that didn’t provide dynamic viewing. In other words, there wasn’t a chance of having a good viewing experience from an angle.

Back to our first real modification. We wanted a better quality TV that offered optimal viewing from any angle, and we wanted to mount it higher to accommodate the Breville, so we purchased a Samsung unit that fit the bill. We drilled some new holes, relocated the TV bracket, and our problem was solved. We now have a better TV mounted in a way to accommodate our beloved Breville, and our first real modification.

It should be noted that no Airstreams or Airstream owners were harmed in the making of this blog post.