The Waters Recede

Our beloved Loyd Park is finally recovering from the spring floods, opening more sites–and more possibilities–for weekend campers like us. Four of Loyd Park’s five camping loops are now accessible, but signs of the flood persist, as debris, as well as rusted sign posts, dumpsters, electrical hookups can be seen throughout the park.

We had a particularly good reason to celebrate this weekend: both of us received financial incentives that validated the good work we do. We’re both of a generation of workers that is still motivated by bonuses and merit increases. But don’t look for us to take a luxury suite on a cruise or a quick trip to the California vineyards. Our financial windfall will go a long way toward retiring some of our debts, which is certainly the responsible thing to do–even though it may be less glamorous.

Our weekend away allowed us to take long walks under the stars, make acquaintences with other local “weekenders,” and enjoy the many benefits of living in our “tiny house.” We’ll be back 10 days from now for a four-day stay over Labor Day weekend. We can hardly wait!

Sunday afternoons are often the best time to be at a campsite, and a Sunday afternoon at Loyd Park is no exception. Most folks have packed up and left, leaving only stragglers like ourselves who want to enjoy a little peace and calm. This trip introduced us to giant spiders and crawfish the size of small lobsters, but we’re grateful they allowed us to share their space for a little while. Soon, we’ll be returning to the hustle and bustle of city life, making our way to the market for specialty items to accentuate the week ahead.