A Bleak Midwinter Break

With temperatures forecast in the 70s, we cleared our schedules and headed to Loyd Park for a weekend break from Old Man Winter. We weren’t disappointed. Well, except for the squealing Girl Scouts camped nearby.

We arrived around 5 p.m. on Friday and set up in time for the evening news. A fine cocktail hour soon gave way to preparations for dinner and the campfire afterward. Date Night found us enjoying a dinner of grilled steak, potato and broccolini, complemented by a Sledgehammer Cabernet. Clear night skies were ideal for stargazing and fireside chat.

Next morning brought a brisk walk, followed by some time on the computer tending to various tasks. We brunched on a tradional English bangers and eggs before embarking on a decadent afternoon nap, amazed that our Girl Scout neighbors could continue squealing nonstop.

A visit to the Girl Scouts website revealed a possible motive: a Squealer badge.

“What is she passionate about?,” the site asked. “Does she dream of making her own movie, cooking food from a different country, or going geocaching? Sleeping under the stars, writing a book of short stories, or planting a garden?”

It went on, “Or maybe she wants to invent something new, paint a masterpiece, or learn about endangered wildlife. Star in a play, design a website, or go kayaking. Even turn her bedroom into a jungle, run a successful business, or go on an amazing trip. Well guess what? At Girl Scouts, she can do all that and more, and earn Girl Scout badges as she goes!”

And then, the clincher, “And if she wants to jump into a topic that’s not part of the badge program, we have her covered. At Girl Scouts, a girl can earn a badge based on almost any subject with the Make Your Own Badge option. It’s easy! All she has to do is figure out what she wants to learn and who can help her learn it, jump online, and design her very own badge. The sky’s the limit!”

Well, if the sky’s the limit, how can any Girl Scout be denied a Squealer badge? I suggest this as possible copy: “If squealing’s your thing, we’ve got a special badge for you! Screech and scream you way to success! This badge requires you to tap your inner owl and screech nonstop as you frolic in the forest. Don’t worry about neighboring campers–they’ll gladly purchase your overpriced Thin Mints.”

A call to the camp ranger brought a site visit, the squeals soon gave way to the crackle of campfires, and the night sky revealed a stunning starscape.

Sunday was warm, sunny and breezy–a picture perfect day to conclude our weekender.