Rainy Days and Sundays

Rainy SundayOur Sunday at Loyd Park brought thunderstorms, with lightning, winds and flooding rains–quite a change from previous days of warmth and sunshine that gave us clear skies and spectacular sunsets. Life at Loyd Park is a wonder, precisely because it includes an occasionally rainy Sunday.

We had an unexpectedly quick move to site 139 on Thursday afternoon, but once we got set up and nestled in for the weekend, all went well. Cliff made Chef Bobby Flay’s version of grilled shrimp scampi over rice, along with a grilled romaine salad. As expected, our Date Night menu included a boneless ribeye, grilled to perfection, along with baked potato, grilled asparagus, and “second chance” sautéed mushrooms and onions (a fumbled skillet gave the “first chance” mushrooms and onions a place on the ground rather than on the plate). Saturday’s menu included grilled Cornish hens, accompanied by grilled cob corn and carrots. Each night ended with glasses of wine, long talks around the campfire, starlit skies and mild temperatures.

While discussing our Airstream future and trying to decide whether it might involve a full-time commitment, we came across Ultimate Airstreams, a company that specializes in customizing Airstreams to include washer/dryers, wine coolers, gourmet kitchens, dual entrances, external TVs and mobile offices. We decided to reach out to friends in our Heart of Texas Camping Unit to determine what it would cost to to configure our coach with a washer/dryer–a long-held desire of Jon’s to move us toward full-timing. Stay tuned!