Six-Week Staycation

IMG_0541We’re wrapping up a six-week spring staycation at Loyd Park, and we’re in no hurry to leave. In fact, Jon’s Mom recently asked, “Do you think you’ll ever stay in your house again?”

There are campers who have no desire to stay, and campers who are in no hurry to leave. We fall squarely into the second category: We’re lingered, and we’re not afraid to admit it.

And let’s face to: There’s no better time to linger at our favorite “backyard park” than spring. Temperatures are generally mild, crowds are few and far between, and threatening weather tends to move all around the park.

We arrived in the first part of March and have stayed through mid-April, all the while enjoying sunsets and moonrises, grilled suppers and late-night fires, hooting owls and tweeting birds, croaking frogs and chirping crickets, and doggies eager to snuggle. Along the way, we watched the Texas Rangers struggle to kick off their season, a chronicle of World War I, and the latest installments of our favorite showes: Homeland, Chicago Fire, The Good Fight.

Now, it’s back to Hampshire for a five-night respite before we join our Heart of Texas Camping Unit for a weekend at Hico. We’ll have time for laundry, shopping, and restocking in advance of our adventure.

Our “Spring Break” has been a great adventure. Next year, we’ll bump it to the next level.