A Return to Routine

IMG_2173After traveling more than 2,800 miles on our Mighty 5 adventure, we headed to Loyd Park for a weekender to clean Cloud 9 and return to our routine. We arrived at our site shortly after 6 p.m., which enabled us to get set up and enjoy a proper cocktail hour before turning our attention to the Date Night menu of Eisenhower steaks (coal-fired), baked potato, and grilled asparagus. There’s something special about going from the office to the campsite in a couple of hours.

Saturday found Jon on a ladder cleaning dead bugs and road grime off Cloud 9. A post-brunch nap in air-conditioned comfort brought relief from the cleaning chores and high humidity. Then a pop-up storm blew through, making it mild enough for alfresco dining. On the menu: grilled pork chops (with the last peach from our stay at Wonderland RV Park in Torrey, Utah) and broccolini, along with potato salad.

Sunday morning was yet another return to routine, as we enjoyed coffee and conversation, CBS Sunday Morning (with an incredibly funny farewell to Bill Geist — truly the highlight of the program), Bloody Marys and brunch.

We’ll return next weekend to do it all over again. Weekdays working in the city and weekends camping at Loyd Park is the kind of routine we love, which is why we return to it over and over again.