That’s Entertainment!

IMG_2195We left for Loyd Park immediately after ending our work day on Friday, and quickly made our way to campsite 34 and two glasses of Cabernet. It wasn’t long before Chef Cliff’s expertly grilled Eisenhower rib eyes, baked potatoes, asparagus and shisito peppers not only capped our long work week but also ushered in a much-needed weekend of relaxation and entertainment.

On a soggy Saturday, we began preparing for a dinner-time visit from two friends who are considering purchasing an Airstream. After our regular routine of reading of The New York Times, enjoying coffee, Bloody Mary’s, Tequila Sunrises, and a hearty brunch, Chef Cliff began preparing his crockpot version of beef stroganoff. Six hours later, we welcomed our guests for cocktails in the lounge, dinner under the pavilion, and conversation around the fire pit. Everything was idyllic. We had great food and wine, lively discussion and debate, and ample opportunity to deepen the bonds of friendship and affection. If our entertaining didn’t convince them to invest in the Airstream lifestyle, nothing else will.

Interestingly, our friends, who are politically active, asked if they would find like-minded folks among the camping crowd. We assured them that, like the culture at large, they would find folks of every political persuasion, and they would likely gravitate toward other like-minded individuals as they establish friendships on the road. And we also told them that we’ve had some of our best conversations with people of differing opinions. When it comes to the camping life, the only thing that really matters is a common love of adventure and a need for nature’s peace.

Sunday brought partly-sunny skies, warm temperatures, and a desire to stay beyond the noon check-out time. Yes, we bought another night. Even though we promised ourselves we wouldn’t extend our stays out of deference to our budget, we simply had to make an exception.

The great naturalist John Muir said nature heals and gives strength to body and soul alike. How could we possibly extract ourselves from such a nurturing environment?