Too Hot to Handle

As temperatures soared well above 100 degrees, we did something this weekend we had never done before: We traveled back home to escape the afternoon heat. Cloud 9’s air-conditioner couldn’t compete with the afternoon sun directly overhead, so we turned everything off, packed up the pack, and went to Hampshire for an afternoon nap, cocktails, and dinner. Returning to the Airstream at around 9 p.m., we were finally able to lower the interior temperature from a sweltering 96 degrees to a comfortable 78 degrees in just about an hour, enabling us to enjoy a late-night glass of our favorite port while watching a Rick Steves special on European festivals.

The weekend started off fine, as we arrived at our site around 6:30 on Friday. We selected site 23 because we thought it offered plenty of shade, despite its lack of an overhead tree canopy. Although it was hot, we were able to watch the sun set through the forest as Chef Cliff grilled our Date Night tenderloin and veggies. Jon set a fine table inside the air-conditioned cabin, with fresh flowers, flickering candles, and our favorite old vine zinfandel. It all made for a lovely evening.

Early the next morning, Jon received word that his aunt Mary had died. She was 83, and had been in a nursing home for several years as her health declined, so it wasn’t a surprise. But it was still sad news. So, while Cliff went off to work his morning shift, Jon set about composing an obituary, which he then posted on social media. Cliff returned and made brunch.

Around 1 p.m., site 23’s lack of tree coverage became untenable. We tried to nap as Cloud 9’s interior temperature rose above 90 degrees, but finally decided to evacuate the rig and race home.

Even back at Hampshire, we were unable to get the interior temperature below 76 degrees. Outside, it wasn’t just hot, it was damned hot.

On Sunday, we decided to break camp and leave before the searing temperatures drove us back home. So, after a late morning breakfast, we headed back, sacrificing a relaxing afternoon that we otherwise might have enjoyed. The so-called “ridge” of high temperatures is supposed to stay in place through the week and into next weekend. It all seems a bit premature, especially considering the first day of summer is still two days away!