A Reunion, Long Overdue

It has been so long since we enjoyed the company of our Heart of Texas Camping (HOTC) group that we couldn’t recall the last time we did so. More than two years, certainly, but also not quite four. Let’s just say a reunion has been long overdue. This weekend found us connecting with friends old and new at Cedar Hill State Park amid late spring’s sweltering temperatures and the park’s chigger outbreak. It was good to meet up with Scott and Vicky, Dan and Stephanie, John and Amy, Mark and Michelle, Channing and Phyllis, Diane, Tony, Macie, and a few others. In addition to enjoying cookouts and potlucks, we also engaged in lively conversation, shared tips and tricks, and reminisced about days gone by. There was no complaining, although there was a bit of commiserating. It was a very good weekend.

Our arrival on Thursday enabled us to partake in a rescheduled Date Night, followed by lively conversation with a few HOTC friends. Making our way back to Cloud 9, we took the dogs for a late-night walk and enjoyed a nightcap.

Next day, Jon worked remotely, while Cliff tended to household business. Late in the day, Cliff prepared a cucumber, tomato, and red onion salad for the HOTC potluck. Although our supping and socializing was disrupted by a sudden storm (that proved to be less threatening than feared) that scattered all to their various safe havens, a few hardy souls eventually regrouped to continue conversing late into the evening.

On Saturday, although Cliff had a morning appointment and Jon had an evening event, we were able to enjoy some elements of our normal routine, including breakfast cocktails, internet browsing, brunching, and napping. Jon left for his work event late in the afternoon, while Cliff stayed at Cloud 9 to prepare for the HOTC cookout. We reconvened around 10:30 that night for a glass of wine and a nightcap of port.

Sunday morning was a time for bidding farewell to our HOTC friends, watching “CBS Sunday Morning,” reading The New York Times, enjoying breakfast cocktails, and preparing brunch. Around noon, as temperatures soared to 100 degrees, we thought it best to spend much of our time inside Cloud 9 ahead of our early evening departure for Hampshire.