Domestic Bliss

Over the course of a sizzling summer weekend, Jon read a profile in The New York Times about a couple who recently married. It concluded with the line, “We’re both looking forward to a chapter of domestic bliss, where we stay at home on Sundays and do the crossword and read.” Although we didn’t spend this Sunday at Hampshire, we did spend it at Cloud 9, our home away from home, reading and working puzzles. Domestic bliss? You bet.

We’re frequently asked why we would go camping in 100-plus-degree heat. The simple answer is that it’s going to be hot, whether we’re camping or not, so why not enjoy a little outdoor time while we can. We spent three hours on Saturday morning, and two hours on Sunday morning, surfing the internet while sitting outside, listening to the birdsong. It was glorious. Once temperatures climbed above 90 degrees, we headed indoors to relax with the doggies in air-conditioned comfort.

Throughout the weekend, we enjoyed meals prepared al fresco, including Friday’s ribeye steak with grilled peppers and asparagus, Saturday’s pan-seared pork chops with cob corn and zucchini, and hardy brunches on both days. Of course, we also enjoyed an array of cocktails, including Bloody Marys, tequila sunrises, sangria, and white cosmos.

Will we return next weekend, when temperatures — and the “domestic bliss” — are expected to be about the same? You bet!