Summer Sizzler

Next week, we will likely experience our highest summer temperatures to date, with predicted highs reaching 107 degrees, and the potential for heat indexes to be even higher. But for this weekend, with temperatures in the low triple-digits, we enjoyed the shady surrounds of Site 10 at Loyd Park.

Although it’s normal for temperature highs in our region to reach the 100s in July and August, Dallas has already experienced more 100-degree days than average. The sustained and unrelenting heat is a major issue for urban areas such as ours because it’s harder to cool off at night (the buildings and pavement are still radiating heat well after the sun sets). Case in point, we awoke to temperatures in the upper 70s on Saturday; the low 80s on Sunday.

Still, we were able to enjoy several hours outdoors on both mornings, walking the dogs, reading The New York Times, surfing the internet, drinking breakfast cocktails — all while listening to songbirds singing and hawks squawking.

We also revived a favorite refresher: a Lillet spritzer. Lillet, a fruity, floral French aperitif wine, pairs nicely with just about everything, especially shrimp cocktail and charcuterie.

Throughout the weekend, we watched the final episodes of Hacks and the German take on Brokeback Mountain, a rather disappointing film from 2013 called Free Fall. It lacked Brokeback‘s powerful punch of regret at the end, and instead, just sort of fizzled out.

We’ll return to Loyd Park next weekend, and then every weekend throughout the end of the month and into August. Whether we’ll continue to cook under the heat dome that’s settled over much of the American west remains to be seen. At least we’ll have a shelter of shade.